5 Quick Tips To Improve Your Rankings in 2017



Tired of low rankings?

I know you are!

I will make things easier for you which will help you to 5 most crucial tips to improve your rankings instantly.

1) Fix your broken links

Will you like a website that’s linking to other sites (or internal sites) that has broken links?

One of the biggest reasons why most websites fail with poor rankings is because they have tons of broken links.

Fix them right away!

Head to your Google Webmaster tools and click on the Crawl Errors:

Now, you will see a list of 404 errors on your site.


If you find errors. Fix them asap. You can run this small audit once a month.

2) Better Internal Links


It’s no secret.

Site with better internal link strategy tends to rank a lot better.


One simple reason, the link juice passes throughout the site evenly or too the most important pages you are interlinking too.

This can instantly give you a nice boost to your ranking provided your existing page has got a good authority.

Read more about Internal Linking SEO Strategy.

3) Fix the loading speed of your website

Enough Said!

When it comes to websites, most sites have horrible loading speed.

I will end up making my breakfast but most sites won’t load.

Imagine how frustrating this can get for the readers?

To fix:

  • Use better quality themes
  • Get custom themes
  • Stop using a lot of Plugins
  • Stop using cracked themes or plugins

A Pro Tip: Contact the developer of the theme and ask him regarding the loading speed.

4) Sprinkle LSI Keywords

Want to know a small little secret?

Sprinkle LSI keywords in your article.

What’s an LSI Keyword.

They are related synonyms or terms that are used to help crawlers understand your articles even better.

Here is a quick example:

Weight Loss is my primary term, and here are the Google Suggestions that can be used as my LSI


5) Start drafting better and longer content

Have you recently noticed that instead of normal regular home page, most sites are pushing their blog pages to rank?

That’s because contents are everything.

When you write an in-depth article, it will help you drive a lot more traffic.

Content Marketing is also a major part of sales funnels for all kinds of website if you have a product to sell.

As per the recent research sites that are ranking in the top 10 spots have around 1800–2000 words high quality article posted on their blog.

If you work on the all the above suggested points, I am sure you will start seeing a much better organic traffic instantly.

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@uditgoenka awesome tips. Thanks for sharing them <3


Do share them, and help fellow bloggers! :smile:


Great, As always sir <3…Hoping another blog very soon :slight_smile:


This one was short quick tips!

I am soon coming up with another in-depth article that’s almost 6000-8000 word count.


Thank you for sharing this such a great tips. Seriously internal linking is so important. Your recently published on-page guide is awesome.


Thanks for sharing this well-detailed article, sir. I am always thankful for being part of this forum and always learning new stuff here.