5 MUST have WordPress Plugins for Blogging! Did we MISS any?


(Santhosh veer) #21

did u import the google analytics widget template on your analytics dashboard?

(Nithin.Sai) #22

Do you have Getting Started Guide

(Santhosh veer) #23

yes having Guide for this check your inbox :e-mail:

(Nithin.Sai) #25

Any plugin to display your word count & calculate minute of reading for the readers & editor.

(Nithin.Sai) #26

Does it shorten your Social Share URLs. What Plugin are you using for Movies Drop Bar. Is it Hellobar Premium

(Pradeep Kumar) #27

You can use Reading Time WP Plugin for this bro. :slight_smile:

(Pradeep Kumar) #28

The social share options on our blog themes are configured by 7Span bro, our designer. :slight_smile: