5 MUST have WordPress Plugins for Blogging! Did we MISS any?



This is a pretty common question for almost all the newbie bloggers and bloggers who migrated from Blogger.com or WordPress.com. So we thought of making a thread for this, sharing the ones we believe are ‘MUST have’ and we badly need your suggestions as well.

MUST & Best WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

1. Akismet

This plugin is from Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, this is useful for preventing spam comments on your blog posts.

2. Yoast SEO (‘Premium’)

This is probably the best SEO plugin out there in the market, helps you to optimize your blog posts for search engines like Google, Bing, etc. We are using the ‘premium’ version of this plugin, worth investing.

3. WP-DBManager

Want to take backups of your database + optimize and repair it? This plugin should definitely be on your list then. They also have ‘Automatic Scheduling’ feature for the database backup.

4. WP Rocket

This is a premium plugin but definitely worth investing. It’s a caching plugin, and they have features like “Images on Request”, which enable images on your articles to load only when your visitor scrolls down the page.

P.S. If you need a free caching plugin, then you can also try “W3 Total Cache”.

5. Broken Link Checker

I may not recommend this plugin for a new blog, but if you have a blog filled with multiple links and comments, then this will be very helpful. You can find all the broken links on your blog, edit them, unlink them and focus on all their redirections as well.

Other WordPress Plugins

These are some other WordPress plugins you can consider:

1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: Google Analytics stats on your dashboard itself!

2. Optimus: Useful for compressing images!

3. Redirection: Want to redirect your blog posts? Here you go!

4. ThirstyAffiliates: Good for cloaking your affiliate URLs!

5. WP Bitly: Want to have your own custom short URL (like hbb.me) for your blog posts?

6. WP Encrypt: If you want to integrate HTTPS (SSL) on your blog via Let’s Encrypt.

These are the plugins we can think of right now if you have any other ‘MUST’ have or any plugin you can recommend to us, do kindly share it, we’ll add them here. :slight_smile:

Premium/Paid WordPress Plugins we Use for our Blog Network!

Also, Add plugins to bro :slight_smile:


You forgot the most important plugin Jetpack. it offers tons of Option and features.


But @dohack, is it really necessary? I’m not using Jetpack on any of my blogs, and even though they provide some good features, I don’t really find them necessary for my blog’s growth. :frowning:


There are some Good features, but In my experience Jetpack increases server load. I am still using it in my old blogs, and stopped using in new blogs.


I stopped it long back… even though it’s a part of WordPress, I just don’t find it amusing to be installed… maybe it’s just me. :frowning:


I will keep it short, just mention the names of some of the plugins I use and apply to all new blogs I create for my friends and me.

Just mentioning the names in case of Free Plugins, you can search it from the Wp Plugins Directory and look at the features.

2FAS Light - Google Authenticator: For 2 Step verification. My favorite one was Clef, but they have stopped their services recently, so I had to look for an alternative. Out of all the good and fancy ones, I chose this one. Its free, and lightweight, and does its job.

Ad Injection: For showing Advertisement Inside the Content. I have tested with other alternatives of this plugin that does the same job, but ultimately sticking to this plugin. It has a lot of customization, like how many ads to show based on the no of words of the post, which is very useful.

Bloom: Paid Email Optin Plugin. The best of all the options I tried. If you can couple it with Mailchimp, then your are all set up. Its simply the best combination to get better conversions and manage your subscription list.

EWWW Image Optimizer: My favorite plugin to losslessly compress images as soon as you upload them automatically. Its free. It keeps the original image on server, just creates a compressed copy of it so you won’t lose the original one.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: For displaying Google Analytics stats on your Wp Dashboard, I don’t always get time to visit GA site, so this helps a lot to reduce our effort.

UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore: The best free plugin to automatically backup your Wordpress website including your posts and the whole wp database, to Google Drive everyday. I wrote an article myself on How to automatically backup and restore your Wordpress site with Updraftplus.

Wordfence Security: The Free Security plugin for your wp site. Protects from hacker attacks. You can check live traffic movement on your website, location and ip of your visitors, and block any ip from visiting your website. It has some good and unique tools.

WP Rocket: Again, a paid plugin, But, definitely the best cache plugin out there. I tried and tested with all the free and paid cache plugins, this one is simply the best. Compared to wp super cache and wp total cache, the two market leaders, this one will make your website load in shorter time.

Yoast SEO: A must have plugin, not becase it does give you instant boost in SEO, but, it collects some important tools you will need. The post meta box editor is one of the best ones, it basically allows you to fully check the meta output and edit accordingly (WYSIWYG). Other important tools are the xml sitemaps creator, social accounts etc. You will know when you fully explore it.

That’s all. I gave the list of WP Plugins I use and I always recommend my friends to install. Yes, even without these, you will probably do very well, but these will make your WordPress experience better.

Thank You for reading. Do share this page with your friends out there. :slight_smile:

PS: Don’t forget to use a CDN on your website. Its extremely important and will give further boost to your page loading speed. I recommend Cloudflare.


Thanks @nirmalsarkar for sharing this awesome list… I used Wordfence earlier, but I just noted down all the security features they are providing, and I did some of them manually instead.


Google Analytics Post Survey widget

Google Analytics Post Survey widget For Wordpress Website

Survey your Post Quality by Adding “Yes” or “NO” Widget under Post Content
Get your Post survey results on Google Analytics Custom Dashboard Widget.

PS: This Plugin Was Developed By me :grin:


Awesome man! I have been using most of them except the EWWW Image Optimizer and Ad Injection.


Great Thread!!!

and special thanks to Nirmal for adding value to this thread.


More Add-Ons

  1. Google Tag Manager -This is an implementation of the new Tag Management system.
  2. Instagram Feed-Display beautifully clean, customizable, and responsive Instagram feeds
  3. PushCrew-PushCrew lets you send push notifications from your website to your users.
  4. Optimus-Convert Images to WebP


Yoast SEO is showing 89$.
Is it one time or per year…?


They have a complicated renewal system bro, once you purchased the plugin, you can download and use the plugins without any license key it seems. If you renew this yearly, you’ll get extra ‘support’, that’s all.


I have installed the plugin & even dashboard. Is there any way I can see the results of the survey in my posts or wp dashboard?


working for that feature :slight_smile: Soon we will update it.


A"clap" like medium can look cool…


Bro, What does Event Value means & Total Events?
I don’t think your plugin is working.I have myself clicked Yes to test but not reflecting?


you will see any Event Click results on your Google analytics private dashboard widget?


Can you share me the widget settings to see complete details