2 of my Favorite Trusted & Cost-Effective Web Hosting Companies



Yes, I know, this is the same old boring question asked (and written) by almost every blogger. So, why am I writing this here?

The reason is simple: Over the years I have been writing this same stuff, sometimes partially, sometimes as a whole, on Facebook Groups, Personal Chats, and I needed a platform where I can write this once and for all. So that I can refer others to check this page out in future for reference.

Before I begin, I must mention 3 Things:

Firstly, I am considering you need to build a Blog on WordPress. You may be a complete newbie or have your existing WordPress Blog hosted on any shared hosting, and you are looking for an upgrade.

Secondly, I am considering price as a factor. You may not have a huge sum of money to pay for initially. Hence you may look out for cheap yet trusted hosts.

Thirdly, I am not here to confuse you with 10-20 options. I am here with just two choices, that too, based on the user needs.

So, let’s proceed.

1. Digital Ocean VPS: The Best. The King

First things first, it’s a VPS (search the term in case you don’t know), which means you won’t get a one-click CPanel and you need to manage everything by yourself.

Best Suited For Users getting More than 5k Traffic Per Day or 100+ Realtime Users on Blog. Not recommended for Newbies.

Cost: Plans Start from 5$ per month. The 5$ plan is sufficient for your needs and can handle massive traffic.

This is because it’s like your cloud computer. Nobody is sharing your space. There is no extra bloatware in your space which you don’t need. And you control both the frontend and the backend. Nothing is hidden. This helps it to achieve better results.

The web pages load faster, helps in SEO.

Don’t worry about the non-availability of CPanel. Digital Ocean has got the best community of developers who wrote thousands of guides and troubleshooting articles that will solve all your basic queries regarding WordPress.

It’s like experimenting on your own with nobody to disturb.

Downside: You have to manage it yourself alone. While this is great in all aspects, there is a downside to it. If your site goes offline for any reason, you need to fix it yourself.

Fixing it isn’t much of an issue here, just restarting the server does the trick for most of the sites.

But the biggest problem is the time. Your site may go down anytime for any reason. You might be on your way to somewhere or just sleeping at night. In the morning you might discover that your site was down the whole night.

The good thing about it is that there are lots of website monitors available, that will mail you as soon as your site goes down, to warn you about it.

But well, don’t worry about it much. It seldom happens. Most of the time, you will be enjoying the fastest server. And for the downtime issue, it will remain on any server, any host, no matter how much money you spend or how many hosts you replace.

So, digital ocean stays in the first on the list of trusted web hosts for building your sweet WordPress site.

2. Fastcomet Shared Hosting: Fast Loading

This is the second in my list.

The main reason why I kept it in this list of hosts is that of its web page optimization.

Shared Hosting Servers are shared among multiple users hence the site tends to load slowly.

Fastcomet Shared Hosting has done a great job in optimizing a website. It has five layers of caching which are very much helpful for boosting page speed.

Cost: The cost is 4$ per month for a single domain but its worth it for a new site.

**Best Suited For ** Fastcomet is best suited for individuals who are wanting to start a new blog and want that to be fast loading.

Downside: It cannot handle much real-time. Initially, it will give you fantastic experience, but soon after you start getting more than 3k visitors per day, you will start facing downtimes.

In my case, I often found my site down when my visitor’s real-time count went 100+.

But for most of the new users, this will be just fine. :slight_smile:

Don’t think their servers are bad just because you are facing downtimes. I reached out to them when my site went down. They said my site traffic is higher than their recommended limits on shared hosting (which is quite true). They offered me to try out their VPS Service.

Thier VPS is again powerful and can easily handle your site. But they are costly. If you have to switch to VPS, then go for Digital Ocean. That’s the cheapest we got. :slight_smile:

Other Web Hosts:

Here are some other Web Hosts below. I am writing a single line review regarding them if it might help.

HostGator: No 3rd Party SSL Supported. You must buy SSL from their partner, Comodo. Yes, you can’t use Let’s Encrypt of SslForFree Free SSL Certificates. :frowning:

GoDaddy: Has custom control panel. Has their plugins for maintenance, performance, etc. Not bad in general, but you can’t use other replacements. For example, you can’t use the most popular WP Rocket plugin properly, as it will interfere with their cache configurations.

Interserver: The Shared Hosting isn’t bad, and has all the necessary features. But, if I am to pay 5$ for their service, I would rather invest the same amount of money on buying a Digital Ocean VPS Server and get more features.

Last Words:

There are lots of other reliable hosts I believe. But, these two are my recommendations for a fast loading website with minimal costs.

Every other fast loading web host costs more, and every other low-cost web hosts don’t provide a fast loading website.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. Do share it if you find it useful. And for any queries do comment. :slight_smile:

Also, if you have used any hosting and liked the service, please write in details about them, what they offer and your experience about it. I will add them to my article above. That will give more value to the article and will be helpful for users wanting to get a recommendation on which host to try out.

Thank You Again. :slight_smile:


DigitalOcean is undoubtedly one of the best web hosting companies I have used all these years. Their interface and technical challenges help us to understand more about the server we are using. :’)


Vultr 2.5$ plan is also great for beginners


I m looking for Windows VPS on a budget $10. I have an offer for $15 from intereserver. I don’t want to use AWS. Any recommendations…


If money is not constrained what hosting would you recommend?
What are your thoughts on SiteGround, BlueHost & DreamHost.


I would go ahead with SiteGround’s dedicated server bro. :slight_smile: